How can I increase the visibility of my Facebook Page? [Updated June 2024]

Facebook has become one of the most sought-after social media platforms. What’s more interesting is that this platform is not only perceived as a networking-for-leisure place anymore. People are using Facebook for business as well. It boasts more than 2.27 billion users, a significant number to promote your products and services. But that said, similar to other platforms, Facebook too loses its engagement. 

It usually happens due to the social media platform’s algorithm upgrades. Consequently, many page owners witness a decline in the visibility of their posts. The good news is that now you can increase the visibility of your Facebook page using various strategies. Listed below are a few.

Evaluate your Facebook Page 

First things first! Before kicking off any strategy, it is vital to see where your Facebook page stands. It will help you determine the scope for improvement. Take a while to evaluate your Facebook page and try to find the areas where you can improve it. 

If your profile needs an update, go ahead and do the honours. You can consider the latest trends to upgrade your overall Facebook profile. For instance, mixing the business or brand name with high-quality images and keywords is an effective way to bring more traffic to your page. You can combine your business name with a keyword phrase denoting your products or services for better reach.

Keywords are a Game-Changer 

Once you have optimised your Facebook page, the next step involves optimising your content. In this situation, nothing works better than using relevant keywords. As Facebook has become a huge marketplace, a part of your strategy should be based on keyword research. Using this, you can invite organic traffic to your page. 

Find relevant keywords and focus on including those in all the posts you publish, including the titles and descriptions of the images and videos you upload from time to time. In no time, you will witness an increased visibility of your Facebook page. 

Boost the Local Visibility of your Page 

One of the easiest ways to increase your Facebook page visibility is by boosting its local visibility. This social media platform has improved significantly ever since its inception, and now it considers a user’s location while fetching the results for a search they have performed. Thus, increasing local visibility will help your business by leaps and bounds. 

The mobile version of Facebook makes local search more convenient for users. You can go ahead by filling in the specific details, such as your country, city, address, zip code fields, and more. This information will gain you more audiences locally, we promise. 

Make Your Page Versatile 

Making your page versatile means to post a variety of content formats. If you are constantly sticking to the same type of content, people will stop noticing your page on their feed. It is, therefore, advisable to be a little experimental and include different post formats. It will keep the audience engaged and interested for the longest time. 

You can post content like text, photos, videos, infographics, links directing to blog posts, questions, polls, events, and more. 

Utilise Facebook Stories 

Another way to increase your Facebook visibility and reach is to post stories. Facebook stories appear at the top of a user’s feed. People click through the stories of everything they follow. You can utilise this feature and post all types of content to your story. 

It is vital to be consistent with posting stories if you want to make the most of this feature. You can post content about flash sales, special offers, discounts, and more. Note that stories disappear every 24 hours, so plan their content wisely. 

Run Facebook Ads 

Last but not least, run Facebook ads to reach people who may be interested in your products or services. This strategy may require some investment; however, it is worth it. Facebook ads help more people discover your business. 

Before using the Facebook ads feature, ensure you know whom to target. Once you figure it out, create your ad copy. These ads are visual. Thus, use high-quality photos or videos to promote your business. You will also be required to set up your bid and budget. 


Your social media presence is a vital part of the digital marketing of your business. Facebook is the right platform to consider while planning your strategy. Make the most of the above-listed strategies, and you will witness remarkable results.