How to Get More Connections on LinkedIn? [Updated June 2024]

Talk about the best B2B platforms on the internet, and LinkedIn is the first one to come to your mind. LinkedIn is the bigwig for B2B marketers, salespeople, and other professionals worldwide. Using this platform, they interact with prospects, business partners, potential hires, and colleagues. The popularity of this platform has exceeded boundaries and today, over 830 million members across the globe utilize it to find the best work opportunity. 

Networking on LinkedIn ensures you find the best prospects for your business or gather great opportunities to decide on the best professional role and to utilize this platform to the optimum, you must have a sizeable list of connections. Learning how to grow your LinkedIn network will not only help you attain your professional goals but also allow you to communicate with like-minded professionals.

There are some easy ways to grow your network on this platform. Listed below are the strategies you can implement to get the desired results. 

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Up-to-Date 

First, you must polish your profile now and then to reach out to more connections and increase your LinkedIn network. This platform is premised on utilizing specific search criteria to find potential hires, business partners, and other prospects. People may want to find you to connect on LinkedIn. Thus, it is vital to show your professional side at its finest. 

Complete your profile by adding details regarding your education, past work, and current work. Fill out details like positions, titles, skill sets, and more, as all of them could lead to great business opportunities. Round up your professional life in a summary to encourage more interaction. 

Be Consistent with Posting Updates 

To increase your connections on LinkedIn, it is vital to post regular updates. You can think of your LinkedIn updates as any social media post; however, in a more professional context. Ensure each post adds value to your profile, talks about your business, and includes a call to action. 

Staying consistent in the feeds of your connections gives rise to opportunities to connect with them. They will like, share, and comment on your posts, which will also give others the impression that you are a seasoned player of your field. 

Engage with your Connections 

As much as posting regular updates is vital, it is crucial to engage with your connections through their posts to improve your presence on LinkedIn. Start maintaining relationships with your existing connections by commenting on their updates or liking their posts. Remember, you want to build your network, and these steps will only help you achieve your goal. 

In addition to engaging with your connections, build new ones. Try to find connections in the same area of business as you and connect with them through invitations, messages, follow requests, and more. 

Join LinkedIn Groups 

LinkedIn groups are a great way to meet like-minded professionals and increase your visibility with those who have expressed interest in your subject area. You can join these groups and participate in discussions to get recognized. 

Do not hesitate to answer questions or even ask them. Doing so, you can add value to these groups, and the members will start looking up to you. 

Include Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile 

We cannot emphasize the importance of using keywords to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Similar to upgrading your website or copy for SEO, this platform allows you to attract visitors based on the keywords you use. 

As every word counts, be mindful of the choice of keywords you use. You can opt for some common variations of your job title and duties. It will ensure semantics don’t affect your visibility. 

Maintain a Personalized LinkedIn URL 

Your LinkedIn profile should have a personalized URL so that you can link it with other social media platforms and also to your email. A URL makes your overall profile more professional and enables people to find you easily online. 

You can set up your URL by going to the Profile, selecting Edit public profile, and then choosing Edit URL located on the top right of your profile page. 


The key to successful business networking is knowing what to bring to table. The above-listed tips and strategies will surely help you increase your LinkedIn network and increase your connections. Start implementing now.