Social Media-Pros and Cons

Today’s generation is living in the leaps of technological advances! No wonder competing with young minds has become tougher, , especially when discussing the outstanding utility of Social Media platforms. Millions of people have joined the other world of the internet through these sites and applications for various reasons that include promoting new launches, introducing businesses, supporting social causes, fundraising, gaining knowledge about the happenings of the world, and whatnot! In recent years, it has evolved in a fantastic way that makes a huge difference and space in everyone’s life. Here in our article, readers will be informed about the benefits of social media, if used properly; otherwise, it will adversely impact your life in a way that cannot be undone soon.


Social media has already taken place in multiple ways in all of our lives. Besides ongoing arguments, no wonder there are numerous upsides of full-spread social media platforms. Let's look at how we can make the most of these social networking sites while interacting with a large audience around us.

Instant & Easy Worldwide Connectivity

Days are gone when we have to rely on landlines or stay awaited for letters to stay connected with distant relatives or friends. Today, a maximum number of people have joined social media platforms to reach people from anywhere to everywhere instantly. All one needs to do is to open up a laptop or smartphone, make an account on any of the social media platforms and it's done! One can access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or any other available apps to connect with long-lost friends or even to meet new people.

Professional Networking

If someone is planning to start their own business, promoting it on social media platforms gives a huge base to communicate with the audience and build strong client links. Whereas for settled businesses, social media helps to track their pace with competitors and gives chief ideas to align with targeted clients' requirements. To expand, the business relatively faster has become more reliable and secure through social media than in offline markets.

Real-Time News Follow-Ups

In a present scenario, if you want to know what is going on around the world, you can instantly check on social media, whether you want to get updated about the entertainment industry, political issues, environmental issues, government policies, or anything. Now you don’t have to wait for the next morning newspaper or night bulletins! Even you can customize your interest in information and news based on your preferences. It’s more like free access to live newsrooms!

Great Source of Entertainment

It's hard to deny that we all spend a maximum number of hours on social networking sites just for fun. As humans are social animals, so without saying anything, it is true that we all need a little attention and connection from fellow beings. Social media platforms have offered exciting ways and features to stay in touch, such as through commenting, liking posts, uploading stories and posts, etc. Whereas you can explore the area of your interest like art activities, movie reviews, or anything that keeps a way of maintaining your interest and passing your monotonous routine

Give room to new talent

Social media is an incredible platform to gain recognition and showcase your brilliant skills while attracting an audience with your craft. You will receive an abundance of compliments, comments, and sometimes an opportunity to perform on the bigger platform. Somewhere social media platforms provide an ample chance for a genuine person to rise, with the excellent support of people from all over the world.


With good things, bad does come along, so it happens with social media. We are all pretty much aware of the dark side of social media platforms! However, many people often try to overcome negative traits by filtering information or managing to stay away from harmful sites. Here is the list of shortcomings of social networking that works as a guide to what to look out for!

Invasion of Privacy

Privacy is the most significant and rising concern with the broadening of social media platforms. Almost every other activity of the day is shared on these sites and platforms by the users. With so much sharing through our social media accounts, there comes a constant fear about these sites owning content after it’s posted or saving geographical location and other sensitive information. Half of the population is unaware of the security measures that are mandatory to be taken, which leads hackers to access the user’s confidential information like email, contact number, and so on.

Adverse effects on Mental Health

Many studies have discovered the rising mental health problems such as self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and loneliness, especially in young children due to spending long hours on social media. It’s proven that the longer one is logged in to their accounts, the more risk arises of feeling neglected, isolated, or depressed. The mental health of teenagers is severely affected these days badly, because of constant comparisons rolling in their minds while scrolling through feeds all day.

Misleading Information

While social media is praised for spreading news and information instantly among a large number of the population, at the same time spread of misleading information and fake news has become a challenging issue of social media handles. Many records were generated by Facebook of a rising number of fake accounts, on Instagram where people upload any make-believe stories or information of followers. Many fake forward links were also spread through which publishers and spammers make a stronger network to spread hatred and violence.

Cyber Crime/Bullying

Online abuse, trolling, and public bashing are the worst-case scenarios of social media that come under the section of cyberbullying. Unknowingly or knowingly people became the victim of social judgments, hate speech, or targeted based on religion, appearances, political beliefs, and gender, and the list is way too long! Unfortunately, some cases turn up into cyber-crime issues which are mostly reported against women or younger kids.

Affecting personal human communication

We have often heard people boasting about the high number of followers on their social media accounts, or that they have thousands of friends added to a profile. But are these Innumerable strangers really our friends? People have forgotten the essence of human interaction and lost the art of developing communication and real relationships. However, this results in affecting the personal lives of every other second human being present on social media.


In this article, we have rounded up the eye-opening pros and cons of social media that remind us of the methods to utilize the platform moderately to soak up the benefits in the best possible way. There is always a chance to fall into a trap of addictive social networking sites, but then do remember you will always have specific ways to stop the developing habit at the right time! We hope after peeking into the reality of social media you can decide to use these sites reasonably.